Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Heath and I had the honor of attending the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange last Thursday as guests of  GE and the March of Dimes.  Being on the floor of the exchange and watching the National Chair and National Ambassador ring the bell was very exciting, but meeting other volunteers and supporters of the March of Dimes was what made the evening so special.  I am always so humbled to hear how others have been affected by prematurity and infant mortality and amazed how driven these people are  in preventing others from going through the same.  Together we are all making a difference.

The evening also served as a nice night out for Heath and I, something that we don't do very often.  Thank you to our babysitters, GE and the March of Dimes for making it happen :)

This was the second time that we had the honor of spending time with the National Ambassador Family.  They have an incredible story how prematurity impacted their lives in many ways.  Nina's parents were very familiar with NICUs before her birth.  Her dad works in sales for GE selling NICU equipment like the giraffe incubator and her mom worked as a neonatal nurse practitioner.  Even with their professional experience, it was not enough to prepare them for Nina's birth at 31 weeks.   Nina is now a healthy 8 year old and they are now very busy traveling the country to tell their story and spread the mission of the March of Dimes.  To learn more about Nina and her family visit here and see their video here.

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