Monday, September 9, 2013

day 1 of daycare

We all survived day one.  Virginia has cried just about every morning that I have left for work for the last 6 months, so it really was no surprise when she got a pouty lip and reached dove for me as I dropped her off this morning.  I made it short and got out fast feeling like the most cold hearted mother ever, but I know it was for the best (for both of us).  

I had a busy morning (also a good thing) and finally got a chance to call in the early afternoon.  I got that familiar pit in my stomach as I waited for someone to pick up.  Much like when calling the NICU I had no idea what kind of report I would get.  She was doing fine (obviously) and then it hit me... we are so damn lucky.  Yes, it sucks to leave my kid with virtual strangers all day, but been there done that.  Been there done that at a time where I wasn't sure if she would survive.  Been there done that at a time where I didn't know what her future would hold.  Been there done that when a day like today was unimaginable.  Been there done that for 124 days without getting to snuggle her and eat her up when we got home.  We are so damn lucky.  Its all relative friends.  

By the end of the day she was pretty strung out.  I did my best to be patient and follow her cues.  This is how the evening went... apparently she was hungry.  

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  1. LOVE that picture!!!!! Hilarious (and a good bribe photo for later). Our friends often comment on how easy it is for us to leave Jax with a babysitter. But, like you, we had practice leaving him. The difference is, now it's by choice!