Sunday, September 15, 2013

Neonatal Nurses Day

I was planning to write a post today in honor of Neonatal Nurses Day but 2 extraordinary bloggers wrote posts this weekend that so profoundly and beautifully captured why neonatal nurses are so special.  Their words capture exactly how we feel about our amazing nurses from Yale New Haven Children's Hospital.

Heather from Team Hucks wrote this article for preemie babies 101 


Tatum at Aint no Rollercoaster wrote this post.

If you have spent time in a NICU you know how spot on perfect these two posts are.

If you have not spent time in a NICU, please take a moment to read these.  You will instantly understand why we call our nurses our heros.  You will understand just how we were able to leave Virginia's bedside to go home at night.

To our nurses:  Thank you is insufficient. You changed our lives.  You served as family, friends, and counselors during our 124 days and we are thankful for your continued friendship and support.  In our eyes you wear a cloak of superhero and a halo of an angel.  Much like Heather Hucks "I’ll never be able to think of my child’s life, without thinking of you."

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