Tuesday, February 4, 2014

due date

Today is Virginia's due date.  There wasn't no anticipation of this date this year.  Still when I arrived at work this morning after a hectic few hours of getting ready, packing lunches, a speech therapy session, cleaning off the car & daycare drop off, I realized that it was February 4th.  On a date that was anticipated so much, it is hard not to dwell on all of the what-ifs.  Its hard not to feel guilt.  Its hard not to feel immense love and gratitude.  

I think not only about her due date, but I also think about what a difficult time this was for us in 2012, still in the NICU and still with so many unknowns.  I wish I could whisper in my own ear and give some peace.  I wish I could take away the pain from those days.  I wish things could have been different.  

There was nothing special about today.  Virginia's birthday was eons ago and we still have over 3 weeks until we will be celebrating her homecoming anniversary.  What was special though, was the fact that today was just so typical.  It was the type of chaotic working-mom-of-a-toddler day that I imagined back when February 4th was a day of so much importance and anticipation for me.  

On second thought today was super special... it was Virginia's first day wearing a backpack! 

While today is a bittersweet, we will be joyfully celebrating Virginia's homecoming on February 22nd. We will be celebrating this year by providing meals for current NICU parents at Yale New Haven Hospital.  This is where we need your help!   For every donation that is made to our March for Babies team and for every new walker that registers for our team between now and February 22nd, we will provide a meal for a parent struggling through their NICU journey.  A meal that will not only fill their bellies, but also provide them more precious time at their child's bedside and hopefully give them a little hope and maybe even a smile.  If you would like to help, please follow the link below.  Every little bit counts and your donation will not only help fund the mission and research of the March of Dimes but also help a family that is living their difficult journey right now.  http://www.marchforbabies.org/virginiakkent

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