Tuesday, February 18, 2014

winter blues and valentine fun

I usually hate to complain about things as mundane as the weather but I'm sure as many of you can relate, we are SO over winter.  OVER it! We are doing our best to make the most of it, but are struggling to balance work, snow days, avoiding the sickies, and staying sane. Please come soon spring!  

Life has been busy, fun, stressful and confusing lately. It seems like lots of good news and good things have been equally paired with tough news and stressful things. All is good though, there is lots of laughter in this house! That sums up the lack of blogging lately too... life has just gotten in the way.  I hope that changes soon!  

In the meantime, some of our good news!
Virginia passed her developmental eye exam with flying colors!
Heath has just 3 months left until he has his MBA diploma in hand!
My project appears that it will finally be entering the construction phase this month.
Virginia has been showing some interest in potty training (in her own time and in her own way I'm sure)
Our March of Dimes team has already raised over $1200 (but we could use more help.  wink. wink. http://www.marchforbabies.org/virginiakkent )

This little girl had an awesome valentines day!  Once again she wore her little felt heart.

yup.  That is the same one as in this photo! 

And she had her very 1st valentine exchange with her fun bunch of friends.  

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