Monday, February 10, 2014

mom confessions

they'reeeeee  back!

some Mom confessions!

Before we start, look at this face! I die. She is lucky she is so darn cute.  

I am so sick of sharing my food.  I can't even eat my hard boiled egg in the morning without giving my little pants pulling, whining girl a bite.  It is a hard.boiled.egg not a brownie.  

Im convinced that Virginia is still going to be having crocodile tear temper tantrums at 7th grade drop off.  I totally dread drop off every morning :( 

Sometimes I wish I could have a tantrum a la Virginia when things aren't going my way.  

My new hairstylist confirmed that I have a "few" grey hairs. I wonder how that happened?!

Speaking of hair, it is taking all my power not to cut Ginny's baby mullet.  

I could only laugh when Virginia chanted "Mooooore Coffee, MY coffee" over and over while lunging for Heath's coffee cup through the grocery store yesterday.

There is really nothing better than a tea party with Elmo, Abby and Baby Stella.

We need a bigger house driveway, playroom and 2nd bath.  Less confession, more desperate statement. 

I was dumb enough to fall into the "sure, Ill let you out of the stroller as long as you hold my hand" trap.  It ended like this:

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  1. I always get such a kick out of your confessions. They are always so on the mark! You're a great writer!!