Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First trip out of Connecticut!

Virginia spent the first 2 months of her life less than 50 feet from the Operating Room where she was born.  By 4 months she had ventured to a few different parts of the hospital and even went a few blocks away for an MRI.  At 6 months old she finally left the state of Connecticut as we ventured on our first roadtrip to Maryland to celebrate Moma's 60th birthday.  Ginny was a champion traveler!  We all had a great weekend celebrating with my Mom, who looks much too young to be 60 and have three granddaughters.  

Virginia also got to meet some of her cousins, 2nd cousins, great aunts and uncles and friends.  She loved seeing lots of new faces and snuggling with some of her biggest supporters.

After many visits to the hospital and countless skype visits, my sister Lindsay got to hold Virginia for the first time.

We started off the weekend with a small dinner party at my parents house.  

 My niece Clare holding Virginia for the first time!

Some family and friends came over on Saturday to meet Virginia and eat some Ledo's Pizza!

Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim with Virginia

Aunt Karen & Uncle Tink came as well as my cousin Greg, who was in town from London!

Uncle Mike, Aunt Maureen and Karly came too!  

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