Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is the face of a little girl who no longer likes to take the long, predictable naps that she used to take:

Now she prefers to nap like this:

And wake up only a short time later, usually after I have tried to place her ever so gently and quietly in her crib.

At least she wakes up happy!

Im sure we are to blame for the sudden lack of naps.  Its been hot, we have been busy, and our schedule has been anything but routine.  We have been having fun though!  Just in the past few days we went to a birthday party, we saw family, we went to a parade, and have had a few baby playdates.  I have been a nervous preemie mom and have been using purell and wiping her hands, carseat, stroller and toys like crazy.  I have found it very challenging to find the balance between cautiously enjoying our summer and feeling like a crazy person.  

Virginia is in her crib and has been  napping for more than 10 minutes now......

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