Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Virginia Lately

Virginia has been a busy (and growing) little girl lately.

She now weighs over 11 pounds and is 22 or 23 inches long (its hard to measure a wiggly little girl)

She knows how to let her opinion be known.

She is much more wakeful and alert during the day

She smiles, giggles and coos all.the.time.

She is getting stronger and stronger and starting to reach many of the goals that we set for her at the beginning of her physical therapy program.

She took her second trip out of state to meet Jack, her future boyfriend (in 25 years or so),  and see Auntie Colleen again.
 Little Jack is only a few weeks old but they are already fast friends :)
 It was a quick trip to Upstate New York to visit with Mr. Jack and Colleen, but it was so nice to share the day with one of my best friends and our little babies.  Colleen is one of my amazing RPI friends who truly has gone above and beyond in the past 8 months to support us.  We were supposed to go through pregnancy together, thankfully now we can go through motherhood together.  Colleen was one of the first people to know I was pregnant and was one of the first people I turned to when the scariest days arrived.  She sent packages, called and emailed when I needed her most, visited me while on hospital bedrest, organized a baby shower for me, brought food, sent cards, prayed for us, visited us in and out of the hospital, and was one of the biggest cheerleaders we had.  There is not an adequate way to thank Colleen, nor is there an adequate way to express our gratitude to her and the rest  of our friends who showed us their amazing compassion, generosity and love.  Everyone should have friends like this.

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