Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Storm

As we reflect back on the past year I realize that there are so many blessings out of our story beyond the obvious blessings of good health and our beautiful little girl.  We have met some absolutely incredible people.  We now have numerous nurses, physician assistants, and other preemie parents that we consider friends.  These are people that would have never been in our lives had Virginia not been born so early.  One friend sent me the quote below last week.  Her son was in the same "spot" in nursery 3 at the NBSCU about a year and a half before Virginia.  She has been an amazing friend and support to me and always has the best advice at the times that I need it most.

The storm isn't over, but in the past year we have learned to dance in the rain and appreciate the rainbows that peak behind the clouds as one storm passes.  

Virginia just gets more and more fun.  I feel like I am constantly thinking that we are in my favorite "stage" and then a month later I am realizing how we are having even more fun.  

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  1. That 'spot' in Room 3 is sacred space. You are an amazing Momma. I am inspired by how calmly and methodically you map out plans, deal with 'issues' and gracefully roll with all that has been thrown your way. Cheers to you as you pass through this most significant milestone yet!