Saturday, September 22, 2012

11 Months Old!

Virginia is 11 Months old today!

At 11 months:
She weighs 17lbs!
She is sitting up very well
She rolls around to get to what she wants
She loves feeding herself toast, cheese, pieces of fruit and anything else that we are eating.
She babbles and "talks" to us :)
She loves playing with our Nanny's daughter Lilah

To celebrate 11 months we went apple picking this morning.  Despite the lack of a morning nap, Virginia loved riding the tractor, watching as we picked apples, and sucking on the apples fresh from the tree.  

On Friday Virginia had a follow up appointment cardiology appointment at YNHH.  It was a long afternoon that included a echocardiogram, an EKG, and a visit with the Cardiologist.  We are so relieved and happy to report that her coronary fistula and pulmonary hypertension have both resolved on their own.  We couldn't have asked for better news.  We know that we are so blessed and we thank each of you that continue to pray and think good thoughts for Virginia.  We also got to visit with a few of our favorite NICU nurses and doctors after the appointments. We are grateful everyday for their skill and care.

Heath and I spent alot of time eating breakfast, lunch or dinner around this fountain at the atrium of YNHH.  I thought for sure that Virginia would be fascinated to sit by it but she was clearly more interested in her toes.  

After her appointment we celebrated by meeting some friends at a local winery for happy hour. Ginny had a great time playing with her friend Sadie.  She also was watching intently as Sadie crawled around.  She must have been taking notes!

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