Saturday, September 29, 2012

Giving Back

After our very successful March for Babies 2012 (thank you to each of you that donated!) we realized that giving back was an important way for us to heal. We also hope to raise Virginia to understand her special beginning in a way that she can also learn how to help others.

For her first birthday her "big gift" will be the 45 books that we will be donating and delivering to the NBSCU. These books will be for families that are bonding with their babies through portholes in an incubator and around the tubes, IVs, equipment and noise of the hospital.  Reading books to Virginia was one of the only "normal" things we could do for a long time.  We read Snuggle Puppy and My Very Own Name to Virginia countless times.  We also read the newspaper, Heath's MBA homework, work emails, blog posts and just about anything else to her too.  The important thing was that she heard our voices. We received many books from the book cart in the NBSCU and it seems fitting to fill the cart back up.  

If you would like to add to the book delivery please let me know.  I put some books on an amazon wishlist as well

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