Tuesday, September 4, 2012

leaving on a jet plane....

Virginia must be studying the maps and globes in her room and be dreaming about traveling to far off places.  She went on her first plane rides this past weekend and was such an excellent traveler.  She has always been good in the car so I felt pretty confident that she would do well on the plane but traveling alone with a baby always presents challenges that you don't think of ahead of time.  Luckily my mini travel partner won over many fellow travelers with her smiles and giggles and we were blessed to have some very helpful strangers assist us.  

Once we were settled in Maryland she spent alot of time playing with and loving her cousins.  They are so sweet with her.  Virginia also got to visit with lots of other family and friends and greeted everyone with a smile.  

We also spent alot of time at the pool!  Virginia especially liked swimming in the big pool and watching all the other kids in the baby pool.  

She also tried out a jumparoo for the first time.  Id say she liked it!

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