Thursday, September 6, 2012


Therapy - Unfortunately not the retail kind!  Virginia has now completed 6 months of therapy in the birth to three program and she has truly made some amazing progress in these 6 months.  At her initial evaluation, which was just a few weeks after she was discharged from YNHH,  she was barely able to lift her head off the floor while on her belly, could not reach for objects, and had very little head control.  After that appointment her therapist wrote formal goals for her development for the 6 months following the evaluation.  Virginia has reached every single one of those goals which include full head control, rolling, doing baby push ups on her belly, sitting up independently, eating solid foods, and  grasping and controlling objects with both hands and between hands.  Her newest tricks that surpass these goals include babbling, repeating some simple gestures, feeding herself puffs and toast, and rotating while on her belly.  We are so very happy with her progress and hope that it continues.

Her therapists have decided to increase the frequency of her physical therapy and also add occupational therapy, not because she is lagging behind on her goals but because it is clear that she is thriving with the help of the therapy sessions and she has been responding especially well lately.

Im certain that if her Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist from the NICU saw her now that they would be truly amazed.  Virginia's therapy file from the hospital was full of observations like severe feeding troubles, sensory issues, low tone, torticollis, trouble finding midline, disorganized motor control, and notably quiet.  Virginia, you have come a long way baby.

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