Tuesday, May 21, 2013

mom confessions

Another confessions post... its been an epic few weeks

It took me until noon today to realize that I had a baby sock stuck inside my shirt.  Im hoping no one at my various meetings noticed the strange purple lump.  

Last week I used my hair straightener to "iron" a wrinkled bow on Virginia's dress.

I often let Virginia play with my makeup brushes while I get ready in the morning.  The feminist side of me is appalled. 

You know you are a neurotic preemie blog mom when several hits a day come from google searches including "purell" or "hand sanitizer"

Heath is away on work travel.  Im finding it harder to be a single dog mom than it is to be a single human mom.  Pippi is clearly pissed that Heath is gone and is letting me know it by peeing on my newish area rug everyday.  

Heath is away... which means an acceptable dinner for me is pretzels, applesauce and chocolate covered espresso beans.

This weekend I let my kid play outside until noon in her footed pajamas.  

Virginia woke up at 3am this past Sunday and wouldn't go back to bed.  I finally fed her breakfast at 6am and she passed out in the highchair.  I seriously considered leaving her there and taking a nap on the couch.  

Naturally as an architect I was thrilled with Virginia's sketching form.  I was not as thrilled when I realized that she promptly wedged that crayon in her nose. 


  1. :-). Seems like things are right smack on track. Miss you friend!

    Ali R

  2. I love these posts! It makes me thankful I'm not the only one!