Tuesday, May 28, 2013


These days are special days in our family.  Yesterday was Heath's birthday (it was the big 3-0!) as well as his sister Kim's birthday, today is my grandmother Virginia's birthday and uncle Mike's birthday (happy birthday Uncle Mike!) , and tomorrow is my Pop Pop's birthday.  

Big Virginia would have been 98 today and Pop Pop Justin would have been 100 tomorrow.

Grandma Virginia & Pop Pop Justin

2 years ago today is also the day that I knew I was pregnant.  I was scared out of my mind and it took me another day to work up the courage to confirm it with a pregnancy test.  I'm not sure it even occurred to me that day that it was also Grandma Virginia's birthday, mostly because I was stressing over the 2 glasses of wine that I had at Heath's birthday dinner the night before. 

I had such a special bond with both of my Grandmothers and have such wonderful memories with them.  I prayed to St. Gerard (the patron saint of expectant mothers) and to Grandma Jean (my Moms Mom) and Grandma Virginia (my Dad's Mom) every. single . day . that I was on bedrest.  I knew that they would have been so worried and had they been alive would have worn out their rosary beads during those months we spent at Yale New Haven Hospital.  During the last desperate days of bedrest when my new goal was to make it to another shift and another day I prayed and prayed and prayed that I could make it to Grandma Jean's birthday.  I thought for sure that if I found out I was pregnant on Grandma Virginia's birthday that I certainly could make it to Grandma Jean's birthday to give birth.   We came up a few days short but in the end the spirit of these wonderful women gave me strength.  

Happy birthday Big Virginia! 
Im certainly thinking of you often as the cicadas are about to return ;)
You made the best grilled ham and cheese that I have ever had.
I can still smell the wintergreen gum wafting from your pantry.
I can still feel your warm soft hands and the gentle squeeze that you would give my hands when we talked.  
I can still see your mischievous smile as you would pull us into the water during "adult swim" at Greenbelt Pool.
I can still hear the the whistle of your teapot - announcing that it was ready. 
I can still taste that southern fried chicken and fries.  I know most of the Klems talk about your spaghetti but your Fried Chicken was the best ;)

I think of you every single day when I look at my little Virginia.  We are honored for our little warrior to have your big strong name.  I promise she will live it well... she already has.  

our little Virginia with Big Virginia's treasured charm bracelet

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