Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mom confessions

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In the past week I have caught Virginia eating mulch, dirt, and dog food. 

Virginia is in a Mama stage.  It is very sweet and I am secretly loving it. That is, except for the screaming and desperately reaching for me as I leave for work in the morning.  Walking away form your screaming child is so unnatural isn't it?

It is SO hard not to compare kids.  

I am WAY more exhausted after a day at home with Virginia than I am on any workday.  Even on the days where I go back into the office after she is in bed.

Ginny's  s.l.o.w. progress towards truly walking is making me crazy.  This is mostly because I am just anxious for her to meet this milestone and start to blossom in other areas, but also because she is ruining all of her pants and shoes.  Shameful, I know.  

I always feel like I am "cramming" for a test every Thursday as I try to fit in all of the PT exercises that I have forgotten about prior to Friday morning sessions.  This is getting better as I find more ways to integrate the exercises into our morning routine because the evenings in this house are deemed a success if everyone is fed and bathed without any major meltdowns (adults included). 

I long for the day that I can take a shower without having to toss bath toys out of the shower to keep V from emptying the trash, unraveling the toilet paper, and  taking a dip in the toilet.  

sippycups suck.  Seriously... their only job is to NOT leak and all they do is leak.  

Nothing to confess here... I am just proud as a peacock of this little girl


  1. Ha! Too funny about the sippy true!! In fact, been in your shoes on all these confessions. Oy, the walking...Isabella started pushing a cart shortly after her first birthday(May 2)and took her first steps independently on October 12th. She just practiced until she could do it perfectly:) Which is EXACTLY her personality! Hang in there.

  2. LOL! I have so much spilled milk from those darn sippy cups in my car from it leaking even when it is empty! Sam ate sand this week, and the shower is just impossible. Love your honest posts.

  3. I love your just say "out loud" all of the things that every mom thinks but is afraid to admit!

  4. Hilarious! Every parent has these, and I'm pretty sure we went through a lot of these with Emma... And yes, some nights, if everyone is fed, bathed, and in pajamas, the night is a success! Even more of a success if I get a drink at the end of the day!