Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day in Photos

We had a great weekend... meaning I am exhausted!  Ill keep my words brief and instead post plenty of photos.

Last year I made this clever collage of photos to spell D-A-D (thanks to pinterest!)  and thought I would duplicate it this year.  It was about 98324759283 times harder to take the photos this year.  Virginia had no interest in holding the letters and even less interest in standing still or smiling.  I think it took 108 photos to get these 3, which I put in the same style of frame as last year.  It will be fun to see these side by side in Heath's office.

BobBob came for a visit this weekend.  Heath had class all day on Saturday, so BobBob, Virginia and I spent the day at the beach and then went to another beach in town for lobster rolls and an absolutely gorgeous evening of eating and playing at the shore.  

Sunday was spent doing some of Dada's favorite things... brunch this morning, US Open watching this afternoon, Mexican for dinner followed by our favorite Ice Cream Parlor.  It was a pretty perfect weekend!    

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there but especially to  Heath, to BobBob, and to Papa.   We are also thinking of all the Dads that are celebrating their fathers day in the NICU.  Dads often have a uniquely powerful and difficult position in the NICU journey and today we are thinking of all of them, wishing them peace, strength and love.  

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