Wednesday, June 26, 2013

tiny toes - big climb

These itty bitty little toes ....  small enough to fit through our wedding rings but big enough to recognize that she inherited my strange toe genes.  

Those little feet have never stopped moving.  
Virginia was breech and VERY low so every kick felt like she was escaping.  
At birth she did not cry and she had no drive to breathe yet she was kicking. 
She has been trying to climb out of her crib since the moment that she could pull to stand back in December. 

And now she can officially climb up her highchair (yikes!).
She will move boxes to climb to get something out of reach.
She can climb onto the couch.
She tries to climb the baby gates.
If given the opportunity she can climb in and out of the tub (double yikes!)

We are totally in for it.....


  1. Seriously - she couldn't be cuter! You're moving on up, Virginia!

    We are smack in the climbing stage too. Owen goes around the house saying "ladd-oh" (ladder) and attempting to climb anything that is near. heart attack waiting to happen.

  2. good gracious the climbing is scary. happy problems though, right?!