Thursday, June 13, 2013


With Father's day just around the corner I thought Id share my all time favorite photo of Virginia and Heath.  Taken on her due date, this image perfectly depicted those days of love, fragility, and mercy.  

Today I look at this image and for a moment could confuse it with a typical newborn hospital photo, that one that is taken on delivery day amid balloons and visitors.  
It has that intense love.  
There is that tiny baby.  
That typical hospital background.

But deeper there are all those things that set it apart.
The confidence in his grasp, something that can only come after handling your baby for 4 months.
His eyes, there is more than love in that look; there is immense gratitude, deep pain, and so much hope. 
And then there is that pesky little NG tube hanging down her back.  

3 weeks after this photo was taken, we took Virginia home.  Heath carried her out of the hospital in her carseat like every other proud first time Dad.  It was presumably one of the proudest days of his life.  

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