Sunday, April 22, 2012

6 Months Old!

Virginia is 6 months old today! 
wow, 6 months. 
183 days. 
Fall, winter, and now spring.

at 6 months:
Virginia now weighs 10 pounds and 4 ounces.  
She smiles  
She has a little giggle 
She recognizes us and other familiar faces
She sleeps consistently through the night
She is working on her head control and strength
She practices rolling over and sitting with our help
She loves her activity mat and butterfly toy

Virginia was able to meet her cousins Shane and Kyle for the first time this weekend! Everyone was so excited to finally get to meet each other!

Virginia had a great session with her Physical Therapist last week!!  It was clear that she had made a lot of progress with her head control and tummy time in the 2 weeks since her previous appointment.  We also had a long cardiology appointment on Friday.  Her EKG and echocardiogram confirmed that she still had the small fistula between her arteries (not related to her prematurity) and mild pulmonary hypertension (related to her prematurity and having chronic lung disease).  The cardiologist was not alarmed by either of these findings but we will see them every 6 months until the conditions resolve.  We could use your good thoughts and prayers that these 2 issues remain mild or resolve all together.

I've learned that as a parent there is always something to worry about and as the parent of an ill child I've learned that the worry is very subjective.  The things we worried about in October and November were much more serious and scary. Today we are reminded that we still have many worries related to her prematurity, but at the same time we have so many blessings and victories.

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