Thursday, April 19, 2012

then and now

At the beginning of March we had a local photographer (Monin Photography for those of you in the CT area) come take "newborn" photos of Virginia. We treasure these photographs and are so glad that we finally have a few more photos of us as a family. I will share some more of the photos in a post soon, but in the meantime take a look at some of these then and now photos.


This is Virginia in late November 2011 with her lambie. These beanie baby lambs are given to each baby in the NICU by a nurse from the Maternal Special Care Unit. We were told that the company that makes beanie babies tried to retire this particular beanie baby several years ago, but put it back into production after hearing the story of the special lambs at Yale New Haven Hospital. Lambie kept Virginia company in her isolette and was often used to help prop her tubing, keep her paci in, and support her little legs.

Virginia in March 2012 with her lambie


Virginia at 4 days old in my hands. Several people told me that I had my whole world in my hand. They were so right.
Virginia at 5 months in my hands.


Our wedding rings on Virginia's foot at 4 days old. This picture was the only one I could bear to show people initially. Her precious foot was just about the only thing that was free from IV's, bandages, tubes, and monitoring lines.

Our rings on her toes in March

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