Monday, June 4, 2012


Virginia has been meeting lots of new baby friends lately!  She has already had playdates with Jack, Sadie, and all of her cousins and last week she finally met Miss Claire.  Diana, Nate and Claire came down from Boston for the day last Wednesday and kept Virginia and I company (and made us a delicious dinner!) while Heath was at work and school.

Diana is one of my best friends from RPI.  We spent 5 years in Architecture School together and were roommates in Rome together.  Diana and I also happen to share a birthday.  When we found out that we were both pregnant and due just 5 or so weeks apart we talked about how neat it would have been if our due dates were a little closer together so that maybe the babies would share a birthday too. Never did we imagine that Virginia would arrive almost 10 weeks before Claire.  

Diana and Nate have been there for us every step of the way.  We are so thankful to them for their support during the scary days and the happy days.  Ironically Diana sent me a text message while I was in the OR for Virginia's birth saying she had a dream the previous night that we had a healthy baby.  She didn't know that delivery was imminent and I think she meant that message to serve as bed rest motivation, instead it served as much needed comfort.

I know these girls are going to be great friends some day!  

Virginia is now weighing 12lbs and 5ish ounces.  She loves sitting up (with some assistance) and hates tummy time.  She was a champion traveler again this past weekend, even when we spent hours in traffic on our drive home from Maryland.  She also continues to be an excellent nighttime sleeper :) 

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  1. Love this! So glad she has been your rock. Your daughters will hopefully grow up with the same bond.

    And about your last post, preemie mom or not, you will always have hand sanitizer with you!! Emma is going on three, and we have it everywhere! Shopping carts, public bathrooms, surprise ice cream trips, and playgrounds... Always a need!