Tuesday, August 14, 2012

mom confessions

I haven't had one of these posts in a while and there is definitely some things worth confessing.  As a fair warning, baby poop, breastfeeding, and pumping breast milk are all discussed below.  Feel free to skip over this post if those things make you cringe. I promise you wont need to wash your eyes out afterwards and you might even get a little chuckle.  

Baby poop from solid foods is gross.  Dealing with it is by far the biggest downside to cloth diapers.

On more than one occasion baby poop has gone missing in the walk from the changing table to the toilet.  There is nothing more awkward than searching for baby poop on the floor.

I'm ready to be done pumping in general but I know I will miss that break from the middle of the work day on the rare occasion that I just pump and read a magazine and not pump while reviewing contracts or answering emails.   

Speaking of pumping... by quick estimation in 9.5 months I have spent around 800-850 hours pumping (thats a whopping 33-35 days) (yipes.. thats a month of pumping.. straight).  The sad part is that I used to be a slave to the schedule with 8-10 sessions per day and that was a good excuse for never making it to the gym.. That schedule has been dramatically reduced for a few months now I still don't seem to make it to the gym... 

Virginia stares down our food now and I'm seriously dreading having to hide/ get rid of the naughty foods that I definitely don't want her seeing us eat and then wanting to eat herself.  Ice Cream, cookies, and the occasional soda have been fixtures in our house for a long time.

Sadly I have put on as many pounds as Virginia since she came home from the hospital.  Its time to get rid of those cookies and ice cream anyway :) 

I'm so glad my mom sleep trained Virginia for naps.  I'm a big wuss and if my Mom hadn't gotten Ginny to self soothe and go down for consistent naps Id still be doing chores with a napping 15 pound baby strapped to me in the carrier.  

Purely out of curiosity I  showed Virginia a 1.5 minute Elmo video on youtube the other day.  It was seriously baby crack streaming though the computer, unbelievable and horrifying at the same time ;). There was squealing and leg kicking involved (by Virginia, I was able to contain myself ).

Lastly,  I had a rental car last week.  Two rental cars actually.  The first was a sporty-ish black sedan that must have sensed that I wasn't exuding enough mom-ness and died.  The only replacement that Enterprise had available was a white minivan.  Ohh the horror!  After driving that beast around for 4 days I am totally missing the automatic closing doors, the generous cup holders, and the stow and go seating.

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