Sunday, August 5, 2012


There are lots of changes in our household these days.  Mostly good changes, but changes nonetheless.

Heath is in the middle of his summer MBA classes.  August and September bring a different schedule and the dreaded Saturday classes.

Moma left after her 5 week stay with us.  Tomorrow our new Nanny/Babysitter starts.  This will be the first time that Virginia is cared for by anyone outside of our family (except for those 4 months where she was cared for by the best nurses we know).  I am confident that she will do great, but changes are still hard.  One of the best parts is that she will have a full time playmate.  Our Nanny has a 6 month old daughter and we really feel like we are getting the best of both worlds- the social and developmental advantages that come with being around other children without the exposure to germs and illnesses that come with being in a larger daycare environment.

Virginia is now rolling all around.  She now immediately flips to her stomach for naptime sleeping and when she wakes up in the mornings.  We better start babyproofing our house because I have a feeling that the days of setting her down in one place and coming back to her smiling face in the same place are long gone.

Virginia is now sitting by herself too!  She isnt super consistent and hasn't figured out how to catch herself when she falls backwards so we still keep a boppy around her when she is sitting.

The biggest changes are the ones that aren't so obvious.  We don't want to let our gaurd down but I feel like we have become much more relaxed and less anxious lately.  We worry a little less about the things we can't control.  I have become much less anxious about how much breastmilk Virginia is getting and  now am just enjoying our quiet nursing time together.  Finally, seeing Virginia reach milestones and looking back at her progress has been reassuring.  We find ourselves enjoying the moment and not worrying as much about what she should be doing next.  

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