Friday, August 3, 2012

Flash Back Friday - Moma

My mom always seemed to arrive during our hardest moments while on bedrest.  She came just hours after the awful day of consults when I was first admitted to the hospital, she arrived the morning after I had to be moved to labor and delivery while I was in a haze of magnesium treatments, and she arrived just a few minutes before I was rushed off to the Operating Room on Saturday October 22.  I was always so thankful that she arrived during those trying times and Im certain that Heath was glad that she was there on delivery morning. Heath had spent the night at the hospital t and was somehow left with a collared shirt, gym shorts, and dress shoes... he was in great need of the fresh clothes that she brought him that morning.

Moma and Heath were the first people to see Virginia while I was still in recovery but it wasn't until Virginia was more than 3 months old that my Mom was finally able to hold her.   

Moma seemed to be there for alot of the good days while Virginia was in the NICU.  For me the best day of any of my Mom's visits was when I finally was able to hand off my daughter to her to hold.  There is no prouder moment as a daughter than to see your mother hold your daughter.  

Moma has been with us here in Connecticut for the last 5 weeks.  We are so thankful for her patience, love,  help, and humor this summer.  We didn't really get anything done on our to do list, but we had alot of fun and Virginia has benefited the most from Moma's love and Physical Therapy expertise.  

Thank You Moma, We are going to miss you!  Come back for Summer 2013?!

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