Friday, August 10, 2012

big girl

It seems like overnight Virginia has changed from a baby to little person.  Not only is she working on some big gross motor milestones, but her personality is really starting to emerge too.  She absolutely loves seeing new people and stares strangers down until they acknowledge her.  Virginia is full of smiles and excitedly kicks her legs for us, other babies, strangers, and friends.  She isn't so thrilled to be held by people she isn't familiar with though.  

We keep adding new foods to Virginia's repertoire.  Like most people she prefers fruits to veggies, but she eats just about anything we offer her.  She is especially interested in what Heath and I eat and drink.  The downside is that she is now starting to lose interest in her bottles.  She still does great breastfeeding but its getting to be a power struggle to get her to take her bottles.  

We also started giving Virginia "puffs," which she loves.  She doesn't yet know how to get them in her mouth by herself, which leads to some funny mouth acrobatics like in the video below.  

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  1. What about a sippy cup? Not sure if she is ready yet, but Emma started early with those during the day and a bottle at bed.

    She is adorable!