Sunday, August 26, 2012

100th Post

After 100 blog posts about Our Little Virginia its seems appropriate that this post is all about the "sweet spot"  that we seem to be in these days.  After a week of worrying about Virginia's first illness outside of the hospital and trudging through the work week, this weekend was the epitome of feeling like life is pretty darn good these days.

Bob Bob was in town visiting and we spent most of the weekend eating, relaxing, and hanging out at the beach.  We are in a bit of a parenting "sweet spot" these days.  Virginia can sit and play independently but is not yet mobile.  She takes a solid 2 naps a day but is flexible about where, when and what time those occur.  She eats 3 solid meals a day and takes a bottle or breastfeeds 4 times a day but we are no longer tied down the the strict to-the-minute-bottle-better-be-ready schedule that we used to be on.  We are having one of those weekends where this parenting thing seems like it is going pretty smoothly and we have a bit of amnesia about how much we were doubting ourselves and struggling through the previous few days.  Life is funny like that.

Virginia loved the beach this weekend.  She played with toys, babbled at the seagulls, and watched all the big kids play in the water.

Ginny can sit up in a big girl tub now!  She loves splashing the water while Daddy gives her a bath.

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