Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

It's been 236 days (thanks excel) since we started this blog (and I'm using we liberally I really just set up the account).  I cannot thank Alyssa enough for all the time she's put into documenting our journey, which I know years from now we continue to appreciate.  It's helped us share our progress from near and far and even gain friends we never would have known.  She's done an amazing job writing and keeping everyone up to date and really that's what's meant the most.  She of course is the better writer in the house, that's why will keep this to my first and probably last post.

The blog helped me allow co-workers, classmates and family a positive glimpse into our lives and allowed for people to ask questions knowing how well we were doing.  My best reply to anyone that ever read the blog and asked me if I saw her latest post was, "I'm living the blog."  Of course that was in jest but the way she's captured our journey it was the truth.

Today I felt compelled to write something.  It's been a weird and amazing feeling having people come up to you and say Happy Father's day.  The idea of being a father is still a somewhat new feeling (even though it's almost been eight months) and the emotion of what we've been through has really stuck with me the past few days.  Realizing that someone now depends on you and how much love you share for that person makes me appreciate even more what we have with both of our father's.  Hopefully, once Ginny gets old enough she'll realize how much I love her too.

To our dad's:

Through the whole thing our father's have been the rock for us that I hope I will become for Ginny.  Whether it was bringing us Dunkin' Donuts, driving Alyssa back and forth to the hospital, visiting or calling to get updates.  You both have been a great help and support along the way.  We love you and Happy Father's day!

These pictures were in a frame for me from Virginia and since most will probably never see them in my office I thought I would share, man I can't get enough of her.


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