Thursday, June 21, 2012

busy days

We have been playing "pass the baby" lately.  It has been a pretty crazy schedule of trading weeks at home to take care of Virginia.  Heath has been home this week and on the days that he has class at night he literally has to pass her off as I walk in the door and he walks out.  I'm really not sure how we have juggled all of this for so long, but with the help of our parents and flexibility and understanding of our employers we have managed.  We leave for a much needed vacation on Saturday and after we return my Mom will be here to help us for the next 5 weeks.  

Virginia has been such a laid back and happy baby despite the busy schedules and revolving caretakers.  She has also had a busy and fun week herself.  She went to baby yoga class, she went to church for the first time, we visited her nurses at Yale, we went to a playdate, and we visited Heath's work.  I think she is ready for vacation too!  

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