Monday, June 11, 2012

Virginia's Baptism

Not only is Virginia a million dollar baby (probably more than that, but I don't care to know or calculate the total), but I firmly believe she is probably a million prayers baby too.  I know I have said enough Hail Marys to wear out a set of rosary beads and I'm sure that doesn't even make a dent in the amount of prayers that have been said for our little girl.  

Within days of Virginia's birth we reached out to our Parish, St. Thomas Aquinas, to have her name added to the prayer line.  Within another few days Father Martin visited us in the hospital.  I was back in the hospital due to complications from the c-section and Virginia was in the NBSCU having difficulties due to her PDA and blood pressure issues.  It was a scary time to say the least.  Father Martin graciously sat with me and prayed with me and asked to baptize Virginia.  I hesitated, as Heath was not at the hospital at the time, and deep down I felt that I wanted her baptism to be a celebration, a joyous occasion.  He obliged, but I could tell that he had not seen many (any?) babies as small as Virginia before. He asked me to call him anytime and he would come to the hospital to baptize her.  Before he left he said a prayer over Virginia and promised to pray for her daily.  Not only did he pray for her daily, but every mass at St. Thomas, every day prayed for Virginia for 4 months.  Every Sunday Heath and I would squeeze each others hands as they included "newborn baby Virginia Kathryn Kent" in the intentions.  It was such a comfort. 

Well, a celebration we had! Heath, Virginia and I were so happy to celebrate with about 50 of our family members and friends.  Thank you all who joined us in person and in spirit.  We can hardly express what your support and love mean to us.  Our little Virginia is so lucky to have each of you in her life.  

Below are a few photos from the day.  I will add more as I receive them from some of the other photographers in the family. (Thank you to Aunt Karen for these photos!)

With Father Martin
Heath, Virginia and I with her God Parents

With all of Virginia's cousins

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