Thursday, June 7, 2012


We have been offering Virginia a little bit of baby oatmeal each day.
I'd say she seems to like it! 
 I admit that I was very skeptical about how she would do with solid foods.  Based on all the trouble we had with bottle feeding when she was in the NICU, I admittedly had low realistic expectations and was prepared for a long process.  Virginia certainly made me eat my words!  She opens her mouth, moves the food around and gets a good amount down the gullet!  There has been no gagging, choking or tight lip refusal; all things she threw our way during those tough excruciating weeks and weeks of bottle feeding.  

We joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) and have a half share for the next 12 or so weeks.  I am committed to feeding ourselves and Virginia healthy and interesting foods from what arrives each week in our box from the farm.  Our first box arrived this week with a whole lot of greens!  It looks like Heath and I will be eating lots of salads for the next week.  We received 3 different types of lettuce, kale, garlic scapes, radishes, and beets.  Hopefully by the time that Virginia is ready to move past oatmeal we will be getting more carrots and beans and less lettuce :)

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