Monday, July 23, 2012

chicks, cows & horses .. ohh my!

We spent the weekend in upstate New York visiting friends and family and taking Virginia to the Saratoga County Fair and the Saratoga Race Track for the first time.  The weekend was filled with great weather, great company, and lots of new things for Virginia to see.  

On Saturday Virginia put on her prettiest dress to cheer on the horses and show up all the ladies in their big hats. 

On Friday we ate our way through the Saratoga County Fair while Virginia enjoyed some great people and animal watching.


we saw chicks that gave a whole new meaning to chick flicks..

baby ducks sunbathing...

cows relaxing...

goats eating...

and reindeers in july?!

Many thanks to Aunt Mary for hosting us and showing us around the fair!  

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