Monday, July 30, 2012

New York State of Mind

After Virginia's tour of upstate New York last weekend, we obviously needed to show her around New York City and Long Island this weekend.  The verdict is still out... city girl or upstate girl?

On Saturday Virginia and I ventured into New York City to meet 2 of my high school friends for brunch.  We didn't do too much sightseeing but we did make it to Central Park  and passed by the Natural History Museum and the Rose Center.

On Saturday night Heath and I were able to go out on our first date night since Virginia came home from the hospital.  We enjoyed a delicious french dinner (thanks MIke and Nichole! and thanks to Moma for babysitting) and some quality time talking about things other than diapers and feeding schedules.

On Sunday we went out to Long Island to visit Aunt Tricia.  Virginia loved getting to snuggle with Tricia, dip her toes in the pool, watch the boats go by in the canal and meet some more of her supporters.  

Heath and I continue to be amazed at where we are and that we are lucky enough to be able to do these fun things with Virginia,  Not only are we blessed that her health is good enough to make these trips, but we are lucky that she is such a happy and flexible baby and makes it easy for us.  

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