Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer with Moma!

Moma is here for the next 5 weeks!  She came back from vacation with us and we haven't scared her away yet!  We are thankful that she is here to take care of Virginia while we are at work and to give Virginia some extra physical therapy but also to have an extra set of hands and some good company when we are home!  Hopefully her visit will help motivate us to do some things that we have been wanting to do nearby.  So far the list includes: taste testing lobster rolls along the CT coast, taking a day trip to Block Island, going to the zoo, and visiting a local winery.

There have been some other new things happening lately:

Virginia seemed to be eager for for some more flavorful food.  We obliged and got cooking!  She has now had carrots, zucchini and bananas.  She seems quite pleased with the new tastes and we are learning all the things that change (laundry, diapers!, schedule) when meals enter the routine.

We have staring contests ;)

more and more plastic crap baby gear invades our house.  Thankfully we are borrowing or have gotten all of this stuff second hand, because I loathe just about everything about these things other than the few minutes it gives me to load the dishwasher, use the bathroom, etc.  

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